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Tec Smart Ink

Graphene is the worlds best heat conductor and as such, it has the potential to enable many heat management applications. Combining scientific knowledge and technological innovation with Screentec's screen making techniques Tec Graphene Smart Ink delivers unprecedented performance. Tec Graphene Smart Ink is manufactured by Haydale Ltd and covers many industries including:- Aerospace/ Automotive/ Medical/ Sports/ Marine/ Clothing/ Printing & Coatings.


Key Features

Electrically conductive

Standard ready to print ink

Specially formulated for screen printing

Customisable for specific applications

Steel & polyester mesh compatible

Suitable for a range of substrates

Excellent coverage and density

Low temperature cure

Durable, non tarnishing

High print resolution


Cost effective

Metal free

Environmentally friendly

Potential Applications


Membrane applications


RFID antenna inlays

Biomedical sensors

Solar Cells

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