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Films + Sundries


Masking Film

Hand cut Ruby film.

A Ruby block out film for perfect exposure.

0.125mic backing sheet.

Drafting Film

Polished/matt film with excellent see through qualities.


Polyester Clear Film

Clear montage anti static film for screen printing.

1016 / 1100 / 1.315 mm width

100mic - 0.180mic

Platen Adhesives

Liquid / Spray Adhesive

Platen adhesives are for garment and textile screen. Printing and used to secure the garment or textile onto the platen when printing. It can be applied using either a brush, paint pad, paint roller or via an aerosol. The use of a platen adhesive is vital to aid the registration of multiple screen passes.


Inkjet Positive Film

A complete range of roll sizes + cut sheets to produce

positives for screen printingCut sheets available in A4 / A3 / A3+

Rolls available in widths of 432 / 610 / 914 / 1016 / 1118 / 1524 / 1600mm

Folex Laser Film

Film to produce positives with a laser printer.

Sheets available in A4 + A3 100 Sheets per box.


Masking 50mm + 25mm / Polyprop Brown 50mm Silver Polyester 25mm

Red Litho Tapes 12mm

Stainless Steel Pallet Knives

Range 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 + 12 inch blades

Mixing Cups

6oz + 8oz + 16oz unprinted


1L + 5L Tins

0.5kg + 1kg Clear pots

1kg + 5kg Black Pots

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