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Digital Print Film

Nanoporous coated, clear transparent polyester film for the production of positive or negative film separations that can then be contact exposed to silk screens, pad or flexo plates. The HD version offers even higher ink absorption and faster drying times and an even greater UV density range with the

optimisation of print settings. Images dry super fast due to a highly porous coating ensuring print speeds are further optimised. The film meets the

highest demands with regard to image registration accuracy and dimensional stability.


Printing Systems






Thickness: 0.130mm

Length: 30m

Width (mm): 431, 610, 914, 1067, 1118, 1270, 1370, 1524, 1620.



Good compatibility with screen and polymer emulsion surfaces.

High dimensional stability and accuracy of registration.

High visual contrast.

Optimal line and point sharpness.

Coated on reverse side for good slip and fast vacuum properties.

Instant dry.

Clear glossy.



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